Big boy!

I can't believe our sweet baby is 12 weeks old today! Where has the time gone?! As everyone keeps telling me, I'm going to blink and he'll be 12 and then 22 and then...I've gotta stop thinking about it! He is definitely beginning to develop an adorable personality. He smiles all the time now and talks, talks, talks! I'm afraid he's gotten the talking abilities from BOTH his momma and daddy! :) Here's the latest video (especially for you, YaYa and Uncle Scott)...

Not only is he talking and smiling, but he's also sleeping very well through the night! He has been for about 2 weeks now! Our night-time routine is to feed him around 7:00 and then put him to bed. He will sleep until 11:00 when I get him up for a "dream feed." It's called a dream feed because he never really wakes up, or if he does it's just for a second and then he falls right back to sleep while eating. After he eats about 2-3 ounces, I put him back to bed and he'll sleep until about 6:00 am! This past week was our first week without GG :( so Daniel and I were on our own with the late night and early morning feedings. We've established a great routine, though. I would much rather feed him at 11 than have to drag my tired body out of bed at 5 or 6 in the morning. Daniel would rather feed him early in the morning. So, I take the late feeding and he does the early...works perfectly! Let me just say to the blogging world that I am SO thankful for my wonderful husband! He is such an active father...he wants to be involved in every aspect of Riley's life, and for that, I am so grateful! Last night I caught my two boys spending some quality time together...

So sweet! Riley definitely has a special bond with his daddy. I LOVE seeing them together!

It's hard to believe that 2 weeks from today I'll be a stay-at-home-mom! My last full day is October 23. I told my boss that I would continue working part-time until they filled my position, but he's beginning to interview people this week, so it may be filled before my last day. I know it's going to be an adjustment being home all day, but I am very excited about getting to watch my boy grow day by day. Thank you, again, for praying for the Lord's provision in this area...He is SO faithful!

This past Saturday my friend, and former co-worker, Diana, came over to take professional pictures of Riley. She took our maternity pictures back in June, and if you missed seeing those, look here. Her photography business has really taken off this past year. You most definitely need to check out her work at dianabondurant.com. She is so talented with photography, but also very personable and relaxed. I can't wait to see the images she was able to capture on Saturday! Don't worry, as soon as I get them from her I will be quick to post them on here! Keep checking back for lots of pics of an adorable little boy named Riley!

Let me leave you with 3 more pictures...self-titled, "closed mouth," "small smile," and "mouth wide open"! I can't get enough of this boy! :)

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  1. Laura, I'm catching up on lost time looking at your blog. It's so great! I could just picture you saying, "I've gotta stop thinking about it," when you were talking about Riley growing up! :) I miss you, friend!