Start Him Early

Daniel and I are huge cereal fans...Daniel more so than me, but since I've known him, I've definitely grown to love the world of cereal. There have been many Sundays where we've come home from church and had a good bowl of cereal (or 2 or 3 in Daniel's case) for lunch. I know, that probably sounds weird, but it's us! :) Just so you get an idea of what our food cabinet looks like right now...

I know it looks like all we eat is sugary goodness, but look carefully and you'll see Kashi, Shredded Wheat, and Cascadian Farms!

So, the other night, Daniel decided to introduce Riley to the wonderful world of cereal.

I'm not sure that he's convinced yet, but we're confident that in time he'll realize what he's missing. :) For now, he likes the crinkly noise the bag makes, but he told me he's going to stick with Enfamil. I guess if I didn't have teeth I'd probably make the same choice...

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