As I've told you before, Riley LOVES any type of vehicle. To say this makes his daddy very happy is an understatement! I have many pictures in his short lifetime of him sitting/standing in the driver's seat of a vehicle pretending to drive. One was even taken yesterday...Every time we walk out of the house he says, "car!" and points to the car sitting in the garage. We then leave the garage and he says, "car! truck!" and points to the other two vehicles we own. The other day we went to Wal-mart, and on the 30 minute drive there he didn't say a word. The only word spoken was when we pulled into the parking space and there was a truck beside us..."truck!" Needless to say, he has an obsession with vehicles! I really didn't realize that type of thing could be passed on to offspring, but in this case, it certainly was! He IS his father's son! As part of Daniel's Christmas, he received from me a year subscription to a magazine called Autabuy. It is basically a classifieds magazine for old and new vehicles. Yesterday the first one came in the mail, and you can see below what my boys were doing for a long time after dinner...It cracks me up that a 1 1/2 year old can be completely satisfied with sitting on his daddy's lap 'reading' a car magazine. I've included a video below of what was said while he 'read' the magazine. :) Enjoy!

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