The Snowlett Family

Yesterday I received a text from Daniel's aunt asking if we wanted to participate in a little family friendly competition. You see, this crazy winter storm (which I'll post about soon) hit us first, then Daniel's grandmother and aunt in Little Rock, and then headed to Tennessee where Daniel's mom lives(we hoped...still not sure if Daniel's mom will get to participate or not...hopefully she'll get enough snow soon!). So, we were all supposed to build a snowman, name it and send a picture to the judges, Daniel's aunt and uncle who live in Singapore. They will then decide who wins The Moore Family Snowman Contest 2011. Well, of course we wanted to participate, and we went to work almost immediately.

I am proud to present to you...

The Snowlett Family
We'll start with "Big D Snowlett"
You might notice that all of his body parts are 'recycled materials' (bed posts for the arms, baby food jars for eyes, rope for the mouth, a broken pitcher for the hair, and a ball of wire for the nose)...some call them trash, but Big D sees that they are treasures!

The proud creator with his masterpiece

Next is "Ova C Snowlett"
All of the items Ova is wearing are from a country other than America (scarf=Peru, bowl=South Africa, pants=Burkina Faso, West Africa).

Ova and her creator

Last, but definitely not least, is "Whittle O Snowlett"
Whittle is very similar to his dad, Big D...recycled materials were used and he's holding a hammer so he can fix any problem that may occur.

Because his should-be creator was taking a nap, Riley didn't get to form Whittle. But, I made sure he got a picture with him!

And there you have the Snowlett family!

We're looking forward to hearing who wins the great Snowman contest of 2011. So far, our competition is fierce with "Sooie" the red-nose snowman who had a very hog snout nose!

Can't wait to see what comes from the great city of Clarksville, Tennessee! Thank you, Alan and Lynda, for agreeing to be our judges! We love you both and miss you much!

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