Down by the river

Every time we go to Little Rock, Riley requests a visit to the Arkansas River. The city has done an excellent job of creating a very nice area along the river for locals and tourists to enjoy. There are lots of great photo spots and plenty of room for an energetic 3-year-old to run around and bask in the beauty of God's creation.

So, last Sunday afternoon, after naps (by all!), we loaded up and headed down to the river. It was a perfect night - temps in the 70's and a nice cool breeze. In fact, while we ate dinner out on the patio of a riverside restaurant, I put a jacket on Ella. We had a lot of fun, saw some interesting sights (you never know what you'll see in public places!), and enjoyed good food/good music. The live entertainers even sang "Route 66," which, for my son who is obsessed with the movie CARS, was the best thing that could have happened! He's still talking about it!

And now for the pictures...

This is a fun splash pad - a little too cool for it this time, though!

Riley and his Ya Ya

We were ready to move on from this spot, so I said, "Come on, Riley. It's time to keep walking." His response: "But, I'm preaching!" So we stayed a bit longer. :)

My little thinker!

And he found another spot where he could preach! I bet the city doesn't realize it set up so many preaching points along the river! He really got into this 'sermon.'

Love this shot and this boy! He certainly keeps me on my toes!

Because there are so many beautiful backgrounds, I naturally thought it a good idea to do a little photo shoot of the siblings. Normally, I get a few pics out of the 30 or so I take that turn out good. This time didn't quite work out that way. Here we have the "confused brother and sister."

And here's brother kissing sister...super sweet!

Sister looking at the camera (for once), while brother looks away uninterested.

Sister looking up at my assistant (Ya Ya) while brother gives the cheesy smile.

And that was just 4 of them! Oh well. I did get a great pic of little miss while brother played in the background (and Ya Ya kept saying, "don't get any closer to the water!").

This one makes every one before worth it! Definitely going to frame it!

Ella loved the live music at the restaurant! The louder they got, the louder she got. And y'all, this girl's got some lungs! We were waiting for our food here, so she and I did some dancing.

Fun times, fun memories. Just wish my other half could have been there with us!

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