Start your engines!

Riley loves anything with an engine. Cars, motorcycles, trains, tractors, lawn mowers, bulldozers, 18-wheelers (Mack trucks, as he calls them - thanks to CARS), trash trucks, etc., etc., etc. So, when Ya Ya surprised him by taking him to a local equipment store (I really don't know what else to call it), he was in heaven! Ella and I stayed home while they went on this adventure, but we definitely heard all about it when they got home!

This was the first thing he saw when they walked in, and Ya Ya told me later she wasn't sure if they'd get to walk any further.

 You think he's happy? Pure joy on that face!

The men and women who worked there were so sweet. They allowed Riley to sit on every piece of equipment they had.

No pun intended (note his shirt), but he really was in hog heaven!

Apparently this one started beeping when he got in, so it kind of scared him. He was afraid it was going to start up, and while he loves seeing these big pieces of equipment, he's not a fan of loud noises.

Ya Ya said as soon as he saw the lawn mowers he immediately went over and started pretending to crank it. Sound effects included! Apparently, there were sound effects with all of the machines, and this gave the workers a good laugh.

A Riley-sized tractor! He got to drive this around the store.

We had a lot of fun adventures while in Little Rock, but I'm pretty sure this one ranks pretty high up there! Thanks, Ya Ya, for giving our little man such a fun surprise getaway!

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  1. That's awesome! What a fun adventure for him!!