Video dump

I've been meaning to upload several videos and post them to the blog for a couple of weeks now, but the few times I tried, the internet was working incredibly slowly. Today was a success, though! Here are some videos of the kiddos in action...

This first one is pretty self-explanatory, but Riley's saying the Pledge of Allegiance. Daniel's mom started working on it with him back in May, and at the beginning of this month he said it all on his own!


The other day I walked in the room to find Riley using his incredible imagination and playing the 'violin.'


Riley is still very successful at making his sister laugh! He can say the simplest thing (as you'll see in this video!) and she'll let out the cutest laugh! We were in the church nursery here.


And then last night we went to the elementary school's playground. Here's a video of Ella swinging for the first time and then Ella and Riley enjoying some of the other fun toys.


I'm so thankful for the ability to take videos of these sweet ones as they grow and learn!

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