The weekend

Friday morning this crew headed to Houston to catch a plane to Peru. They are our 8th team in the past 2 years to go. So thankful for their obedience and willingness to go!

As soon as we prayed with the team, got a picture and said our goodbyes, the rest of the Bramlett's loaded up in our car and hit the road for Little Rock. I'm so thankful my mother-in-law was willing to open her home to us for the week while Daniel's gone!

After an interesting 3-hour drive with my two difficult precious children, we made it to her house, and all three of us were grateful to be out of the car! Riley could NOT wait to get to Ya Ya's house! Daniel asked him to walk down to the church with him Friday morning before we all left, and he said, "Nope. I can't. I'm going to Ya Ya's house!" :)

He knows at Ya Ya's house there will be lots of playing and laughter! And there definitely has been. Both kiddos have adjusted pretty well to being in a new place, and they're having fun playing with new toys (and some of their own I brought with us).

Saturday we woke up, enjoyed the beautiful weather some while Ella was napping and then headed to a local park for a picnic with Daniel's grandmother and aunt. It was a perfect day for enjoying lunch outside, and of course, there was lots of running around and swinging post-meal!

I'm so thankful for these two! There's just one person missing! Miss you, Daddy!

He loves the bubble baths he gets at Ya Ya's house!

We woke up Sunday morning to rain and very cool temperatures! Little miss wore a sweater over her dress and Riley-bo had on jeans and a long-sleeved shirt. We're not in Texas anymore! :)

Playing before church - all the toys around her, and she's playing with a paper towel roll.

We went to church with Ya Ya and GiGi (Daniel's grandmother) at Geyer Springs FBC, which also happens to be our partnering church for our Peru trips! In fact, I saw a couple Daniel went with to Peru last September. We took Ella to the nursery (which was massive!), but Riley decided he wanted to go into 'big' church with us. I was a bit nervous because the last time he sat through a church service was Christmas Eve 2011. If you've forgotten what happened then, click here to refresh your memory. Luckily, this time his father was not going to be the one on stage preaching, so I had high hopes that he'd stay in his seat. And he did just that! He was absolutely precious! He loved the music, and during the sermon he sat on the pew and did this...
He looked at his Jesus Storybook Bible for a long time, and any time I would verbally agree with something the pastor said, Riley would mimic me. It was adorable! He can stay in our church's nursery until he turns 4, but I'm not near as apprehensive as I was about his soon-to-be sitting in church with me. Of course, his daddy will be the one preaching...

So far it's been a great visit to Little Rock! I have some more stories to share, but it's getting late and my eyes are starting to get droopy! Ella girl has been waking up extra early since we arrived, so I know I better get to bed soon in order to be halfway aware of what's going on in the morning when she decides it's time for a bottle! I'll share some more soon! Blessings!

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