Will she eat?

The title of this post is a question I often find myself asking about our sweet, little girl. I never had to ask myself this with our big boy! He was born a tiny 6 pounds, but he very quickly put on weight and has been very healthy ever since. Don't get me wrong, Ella is quite healthy, too. She has the most squeezable thighs! But, ever since birth she has been VERY picky about when she'll eat and how much she'll allow to go between those lips. It has made getting her on a consistent schedule a bit challenging at times.

I think it would make me sick if I knew just how much formula we've poured down the drain because I've made a certain size bottle thinking she'll drink it all, and then she's only taken half of it. And then there's the jarred baby food. Feeding her baby food is a moment in my day when I'm reminded why God made babies so darn cute. She or I may still not be here if it weren't for that adorable face! I kid...mostly! :)

I've affectionately labeled Ella our 'moving target.' I was never good at darts. I don't think I've ever hit the bulls' eye. So, when I'm expected to get a spoonful of a liquidy substance in a small, round hole, it's a bit challenging. Then add the fact that the face which is holding this hole is constantly moving - it's near impossible, and things like this happen...

But, hey, like I said, she's a cutie! AND I got a great picture of her two bottom teeth! :) That's green beans on her forehead, by the way. She, obviously, could care less where the green beans ended up. And before you judge me for trying to make her eat green beans baby food (which Riley would not touch!), she actually loves the stuff! It's her second favorite - absolute favorite is squash. If it's been a tough day for me or I'm in a hurry, I grab that squash. Anyway, the reason the green beans made it to the forehead yesterday is because she was nearing the end of her predetermined time with the jarred food. Apparently, she knows in her head how much she's going to eat, and when she's done, she's done. The helpful thing for me is that I don't really need to wonder if she's done or not. The video below will show how our 9-monther communicates when it's time to move on to bigger and better things (i.e. her bottle).

So, if you ever find yourself bored and in need of some entertainment, head on over to our house during meal time and you're sure to get a few good laughs! I'll warn you, though, you may want to wear some old clothes - you never know what kind of food may end up where!

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