I've gotta preach!

For months now, I've been hearing about the Jesus Storybook Bible. Several friends with kids have it and have talked about it, my mother-in-law asked a while ago if we had it, and it seems like everywhere I turn someone is saying how amazing it is. So, when I had to place an order for some nursery items at christianbook.com a couple of weeks ago, I decided to finally order a copy of this children's Bible for the Bramlett home.

Our copy arrived in the mail last week, but we didn't have a chance to sit down and read any of it with Riley until last night. Daniel read the first story to him (Creation) and he loved it. He's heard the story before, but the way it's told in this book is so unique! It kind of reminds me of a Message version of the Bible for kids.

Once we read a story to Riley, he's gotten to where he wants to "read" it back to us. He did this last night for Daniel. Then, throughout today, I caught him on several occasions picking up the Bible and "reading" it out loud. He didn't know I was watching, and it was so precious to see. He kept talking about how special the book was and how God wanted us to read it. 

Fast forward to our conversation at dinner tonight...
R: I'm not going to TeamKids tonight. (that's our Wednesday night children's program)
Me: Why not? You love TeamKids!
R: I can't!
Me: Why?
R: I have to preach!
Me: Huh? Preach?
R: Yeah, I have to preach. I can't go to TeamKids.
Me: Who are you preaching to?
R: The people at church.
Me: Oh, the ones Daddy preaches to?
R: Yeah.
Me: Well, that will be a nice break for daddy, won't it?

And that was the end of the conversation. I thought it was cute, but didn't really think much about it.

So then it was time to leave for church. As I was gathering all of our things (side note: I look forward to the day when I won't have to carry a diaper bag anymore), Riley said, "I need my Bible," and then he picked it up off the counter. I said, "Your Bible? Why do you need it?" And he said, "Because I'm going to preach! You need a Bible to preach."

And out the door he went with his Bible tucked safely under his arm.

As we walked in the back door of the church, I said, "So where are you going to preach?"

R: In there. (pointing to the sanctuary)
Me: Oh to the adults Daddy's with right now?
R: Yes!
Me: Well, okay. Let's go in and let them know!

At this point, Daniel was in a prayer meeting consisting of about 6 people. I hoped they weren't in the middle of praying, and quietly opened the door. Sure enough, there eyes were open, so I told Daniel that Riley was there to preach. Daniel looked a little confused and said, "Really?" I said, "He brought his Bible! He's ready!"

So Riley walked right in there, stood in the middle of the circle, and began "preaching." He started by talking about Jonah and how he was swallowed by a fish because he disobeyed God. He then told a little about creation, getting most of it right but a little confused at times. For instance, some of the planets were named "Taco" and "Cici." Not sure where that came from!

Once he was gone and safely in his TeamKids class (yes, he took his Bible with him), the adults in the prayer meeting could not stop talking about how precious his 'preaching' was. One lady said it made her day. I'm so thankful that our little man not only recognizes the importance of God's Word, but wants to share it with others! Oh, how I pray this continues throughout the rest of his life!

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