#947 - She walks!

18 months & walking

Our internet has been spotty the past few days, so I'm a couple of days late posting about our big 1.5 year old!
How is it possible that this Little Lucy (one of my many nicknames for her - and no, I don't know where I came up with that one!) is this old? I know in the grand scheme of life, 18 months is a short time. But for this Mama, it's gone by all too quickly. My baby is growing and becoming a little girl.

Not only is her body growing, but so is her strong personality! We're beginning to experience little tantrums and fits when little miss doesn't get exactly what she was hoping for. Oh, the drama of girls! :) 

She's also quite attached to her Mama. The picture below shows perfectly how Ella feels about being physically attached to me. I have tried really hard not to spoil her by holding her all of the time, but sometimes, a girl just needs her Mama. And I'm okay with that!


 Just in the past couple of weeks her vocabulary has taken off! She's pretty much willing to try and say any word I ask her to. Some of them sound nothing like what I say, but a lot of them sound very similar. She loves the sounds made by "K," "P," and "S." She'll say pretty much any word with those letters in it. My favorites to hear right now are: "peas (please), thank you (her version), duck, book, water (she says it really well!), Riley, Daddy, Mama (she has mastered this one, for sure), baby, Pooh, and walk.

Speaking of walking, Ella Grace is now a walker! On her 17-month birthday she took her first steps, and on her 18-month birthday she walked all over the church. She still loses her balance at times and has to regroup, but she's doing really well! Every now and then I'll catch her trying to revert to scooting, and I'll say, "Ella, get up and walk! Don't scoot!" and she'll almost immediately stand up and start walking. We're so proud of her!

I'm thankful for the big plans I know the Lord has for this one. If she allows Him to (which I pray with all that's in me she does), I know He will use her strong personality and LOVING heart for His glory. We love you, Ella Boo!

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