#956 - Who we are

Hello, My Name Is...

Matthew West has a new song entitled, "Hello, My Name Is." I've heard it on the radio a lot lately, but it wasn't until the other day that I truly listened to the words. Wow! So often we believe the lies of the enemy - names like: loser, defeated, a mistake, rejected, ugly, insufficient, alone, etc. Yet, the second we allow Jesus to be the Lord of our life, our names are changed! How many believers (including myself, sometimes) still fall into the traps of the evil one, though, and believe the horrible words he tries to cast on us? 

It's time to STOP! 

As children of the KING, we need to STAND FIRM and BELIEVE we are who HE says we are!

*I have no clue who these people are (a youth group somewhere), but I saw this on youtube and loved the visual it provided throughout the song!

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