#955 - Words

Their Words

Out of the mouths of babes...
Sunday morning Riley and I had this conversation over breakfast:

R: Mama, when am I going to be in charge of a lot of things? (classic strong-willed child question)
Me: When you get older and are a daddy. But, you should enjoy life right now because being in charge of things isn't always fun. It can be hard work!
R: No, I'm going to like being in charge.
Me: Mama & Daddy don't always know how to be in charge, and we have to let God teach us.
R: I won't need anyone to teach me. Nope, don't need any teaching! I'll just know what to do.

And right then and there I began praying for HUMILITY in my son! :)

Later that day he wanted me to come play with him in the living room while I was in the kitchen cleaning up. I heard him say, "I think the lady with the Razorback t-shirt on should come in the living room and play with the little boy!"
NEVER a dull moment with this child!

Obviously, the almost-4-year-old does most of the talking between the two kiddos, but Ella has definitely begun sharing words with us. Just for memories sake, I'll share them on here. Kristen, I know you're reading this because you're a great best friend, and I thank you for taking the time to read what words my almost-18-month-old can say. :)

duck (for some reason this was a favorite with Riley & Ella)
bup (cup)
thank you (in Ella-ese)
please (also in Ella-ese)
cookie (said with great enthusiasm!)
nack (snack)
riley (my heart melts every time I hear this one!)
daniel (said it for the first time tonight - hilarious!)
teez (cheese)
cracker (in Ella-ese)
clunk (it's from one of Riley's books)
crack (also from a book)

And that's all my tired, mommy brain can think of right now.

I'm thankful to hear the sound of both of my kiddos' voices. Sometimes I wish there was a mute button, but I keep reminding myself I will miss all of this one day (or so I'm told - just kidding! I know I'll miss it - even the whining - okay, maybe NOT the whining!). Praying for the day when their voices will be used to share His message around the world!

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